Types of Contacts

There are many kinds of contacts available on the market, including vision-correcting contact lenses, therapeutic contacts, and cosmetic contacts, which can be used for Halloween costumes, theatrical productions, or just simply to change your eye color. With the advancements in technology and science over the years, there are lots of choices within each of those categories, including gas permeable rigid contact lenses, soft contacts, extended wear and disposable.

The first type of contact lenses that came to the market were hard contacts. These lenses were very expensive, uncomfortable, and difficult to adjust to. Soft contact lenses were developed to solve some of these problems, and within the soft contacts category, consumers can selectc daily wear disposables, periodic disposables, extended wear disposables, or regular daily wear contacts.

Therapeutic contact lenses have been developed that can deliver medicine directly to the eye or that can protect a cut or abrasion on the eye until it heals. These are mostly still in developmental stages; however, they should be available on the regular market soon.

There are also bifocal and multifocal contacts as well. Bifocal contacts are somewhat new to the market and give people who used to have to wear big clunky glasses a chance to be in style with their new eyewear.

For those who simply want to change their eye color or enhance their Halloween costume, be sure to take a look at cosmetic contact lenses, which are available in both vision-correcting prescriptions or as “plano” contact lenses.

Overall consumers have a wide array of contacts to choose from. It is best to consult with your eye doctor to see which ones will be best.

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