Care and Cleaning

Whether buying your contacts online or in a store it is always important to know the proper way to care for your contacts. Knowing the proper care techniques can keep your eyes healthy as well as your contacts in the best working order for a long period of time. Proper care, cleaning, and storage of contacts is very important.

The most important thing to remember and the first thing to do before ever handling your contact lenses is to carefully wash and rinse your hands. Make sure there is no dirt or oily residue on your hands before handling your contact lenses, because anything left on your hands will transfer to the lens which is being placed directly on your eye. Germs on dirty hands can cause eye infections and damage to delicate eye tissue, which you want to avoid at any cost. Greasy residues that transfer from your hands to your contact lens can harm the lens itelf, decreasing its usable life. So wash those hands carefully!

Daily wear disposable lenses have eliminated the need for daily cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses, but if you prefer periodic disposable lenses, the care and cleaning regimen is very simple. Use a multi-purpose saline solution to rinse the lens every day when you remove them, and fill your contact lens case with more fresh solution for overnight storage. The rinsing cleans the lens, and storing them overnight in fresh solution disinfects them.

It is important to make sure that the contacts case is rinsed out everyday with saline solution. Dry the contacts case and keep the lids on each side so that dust cannot enter.

It is very important to follow these steps in order to keep your eyes healthy. By following these simple steps for caring for your contacts, you can keep your contacts in good shape for a long time.

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